Delete All Evidence of Online Activity
Secure Data with Powerful Encryption
Erase Previously "Deleted" Files
Destroys Email, P2P Tracks

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Over 50 New Features and Enhancements!

(formerly CyberScrub Professional)

Protect Your Internet Privacy
Few realize every picture, video clip, chat room conversation and website address is written to your hard drive. Privacy Suite protects you by removing all evidence of your online activity. more>

"Deleted" Files Remain on Your Computer
Deleted files are easily recovered using simple software tools. Sensitive data, such as passwords, financials or health records are at risk. Don't allow discovery by a snoop, computer technician or unauthorized persons. more>

Privacy Suite allows you to erase and destroy data with methods that exceed the US Department of Defense standards for file secure erasure (DoD 5220.22).

New Release Information
Formerly known as CyberScrub Professional Edition, Privacy Suite sports a completely new interface and many new features.Current users of CyberScrub Professional and Standard Edition may upgrade at substancial discounts. more>

New Features
Over 50 new features and enhanchemnts.
Privacy Suite now includes a full scheduler, which allows for the flexible management of tasks. Run any feature at system (shutdown, start up, browser closing, etc.) or scheduled events. You can even wipe free space "when idle". Other notable features include full support for Mozilla Firefox, encryption features, auto removal of Thumbs.db, ability to retain Restore Points, addition of popular P2P apps, newsreader support and more.
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Customer Service
Dun & Bradstreet OpenRating™ has awarded CyberScrub LLC a score of "94" out of a possible 100 for outstanding Customer Service. We value your business and will work hard to ensure the best user experience. more>

"I feel safe with CyberScrub."
Susan P.

"We have been pleased with your product, technical support and service. Using CyberScrub ensures compliance with our document retention policies."
Seth K. more>

System Requirements
Windows® 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Pentium or above
14 MB free disk space

Key Features

Privacy Suite Erases:
  • Internet History
  • Specific Files
  • Email
  • Instant Messanger
  • Formerly "deleted" data
  • Traces from P2P
  • Newsgroups, Pictures

  • New! Now Encrypts Data
    Multi-Language Versions Available

    Powerful, yet easy to use
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    Privacy Suite vs. Others

    No other program is designed for total protection and ease of use like Privacy Suite.
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    Industry Awards

  • ZDNet 5 Star
    Editors Pick
  • Government Comp.
    News "A" Box Score
  • VNU 5 Stars
  • CNET downloads.com
    5 Stars

  • More Awards...

    Privacy Suite featured in
    PC Magazine Vol 24, No. 9
    "The Best Utilities"

    VIA awards first-ever Padlock Certification for Third Party Software to CyberScrub LLC.
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    As featured on

    SPECIAL: from the front page of the Wall Street Journal PRIVACY: Can your PC be Subpoenaed? (A Northwest Airlines lawsuit shows how hard it is to protect personal privacy when computer hard drives become pawns in litigation. This is the best case we have ever seen for daily use of Privacy Suite.)

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